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The most on-trend children's backpacks, the hippest diaper bags for (expecting) parents and the finest accessories. Kidzroom has it all! We regularly update our new category with bags for children, storage bags for toys, umbrellas, bedding and more for the whole family. We design items for your daily adventures according to the latest trends! Shop the newest items, true bestsellers or other great items with us! Kidzroom is the children's backpack brand of the moment.

Kidzroom aims to provide parents and children with trendy and sustainable items to create the most beautiful memories together. It's no surprise then that our slogan is "Explore More". There are countless ways to 'Explore More'. So create beautiful memories together, because young children derive pleasure from the smallest things, such as going for a walk in the forrest or admiring animals. When you go out, you will see that there is so much to discover. All you have to do is appreciate the beauty of the simple, everyday things together. That is where the most valuable and heart-warming memories are found. To cater for the big and small adventures or the daily routine, you have certainly come to the right place for your new favourite backpack, that super handy diaper bag and a matching umbrella or duvet cover set! Order quickly and easily from Kidzroom. If you place your order before 12 noon it will be sent the same workingday. There are no shipping costs charged for orders over 50 euro. Have you spotted Kidzroom in a shop before? That is possible! Many boutiques, large baby shops and online stores stock your favourite Kidzroom items!

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We design and produce everything with a child's needs in mind. The cheerful prints and fashionable colours are a perfect match for a child's imagination. The neutral colours in combination with cool prints provide the finishing touch to any outfit. The Kidzroom diaper bags and diaper backpacks are also very suitable for family adventures. They are practical, durable and totally on-trend. So go out in style, make beautiful memories and Explore More! For a child life is one big journey of discovery.

When the sun is high in the sky and you'd rather go to the beach every day, or when it's freezing cold outside and you can play in the snow with your friends, it's time for a new backpack! Kidzroom is the right place for this must-have accessory. Kidzroom sells trendy backpacks with summery prints or warm winter colours. By regularly adding new collections, models and product categories, you are always assured of the most trendy bags and accessories. We continue to provide you with the best items, of high quality and made of sustainable materials. It is not without reason that we only make our new Kidzroom Kids collections out of Rpet, converting plastic PET bottles into recycled polyester to make our bags. Are you looking for a sturdy boys' backpack with cool prints, such as airplanes, whales or crocodiles? Or are you looking for backpacks for girls with panther prints, hearts or cute animals? Or are you or is a friend, family member, acquaintance or colleague expecting a baby? A fashionable nappy bag with all the conveniences, such as a changing mat, a water cup holder, a spacious main compartment and the necessary interior compartments? Then you will certainly succeed in finding the perfect kid's backpack or nappy bag at Kidzroom. There is something for everyone!

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Sustainable entrepreneurship is close to our hearts. Fair and sustainable innovations have been important focal points for Kidzroom for some time now. Because how we act today determines how we live tomorrow. The sustainable products of Kidzroom are made with extra care for the planet. It is not without reason that we only make our new Kidzroom Kids collections from Rpet, converting plastic PET bottles into recycled polyester to make our bags. In this way we process up to 15 bottles per bag! Isn't that great! Besides being durable, the material is also very sturdy, so it lasts a long time! The advantage of using recycled polyester is that less petroleum is needed in its production. Moreover, the CO2 emissions are much lower and fewer chemicals are used. As a result, the ecological footprint of our sustainable products is smaller than for normal products! Isn't that great! Would you like to read more about sustainability at Kidzroom or view all our sustainable products? Then check out the pages!

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The Kidzroom webshop was officially launched in 2022. Here you can shop with pleasure and find inspiration for your new favourite backpack or nappy bag. Together with our retail partners we try to realize our mission as well as possible; to provide parents and children worldwide with functional, stylish, safe and high-quality textile products. That is why ordering online is now simple and fast at Have you placed your order before noon? Then it will be sent on the same working day. There are no shipping costs charged for orders above 50 euro!